Tour De Force Management


Sydney-based Management Consultant with 20+ years experience in the top echelons of the global hospitality and events industry.
Worked extensively in the development and success of high-profile brands and businesses.
Proven performance strategist with exceptional commercial, creative and marketing skills.

In 2021, Tim Waugh is the managing partner of Tour De Force Management; a Management Consulting agency in Australia.

2021 clients include:
• Dedes Waterfront Group
• Trippas White Group


Errol Brown is an accomplished marketing professional and online educator with extensive experience leading marketing initiatives across a range of industries through the direct-to-customer and B2B sectors. Having graduated with a Master of Marketing in 2020, Errol has worked for over 20 years as a marketing professional in both corporate and agency capacities and is currently an online educator for RMIT University in the Business and Marketing faculties

As the Marketing Director for his own agency Bcr8ive Media, Errol has successfully navigated multiple industries such as FMCG, Entertainment, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Fitness, Health and Wellness, Foodservice, Tourism, Wine, Cider and Beer, all with a proven track record in data-driven marketing, market research, creative strategy, digital marketing, social media, brand development, and content marketing.

Tour De Force Management

Tour De Force Management helps organisations to improve their performance.

Our consulting roles can fit into the three categories: strategy consulting, operations consulting and marketing consulting.